1. Geon Wi Cheon. Han Ung Cheon Wang (111111)


Cheon (天: heaven)) is a Chinese character composed of  一(one)) with 大(great). It means a person who is superior and bigger. In SanHaeGyeong (山海經) which is the history book of DongYi who was the ancient ethnic group, it said ” a country of superior people is called DaeInGuk.”.  BaeDal Nara which succeed HanGuk of HanIn CheonJe is the DaeInGuk described in this book.

The first king of BaeDal NaRa was called as CheonWang天王 which means a king of DaeInGuk. Wang王 is a character composed of  三(three) and丨(to penetrate).  Sam (三) means SamShin (三神:Triple God), SamHyo (三爻:Trigram).

Geon乾 is a character composed of  十(10),  日(sun),   十(10), 人(human beings), and  乙(bird). When the Sun unfolded between sky and earth, it became  a day. Therefore Geon乾 is a man who wishes a day light to come.  In Yi Ching, Geon乾 refers to an old father or old man.

In the cosmos there is Sun(仙:immortal) World made of six waves. it is called Cheon Gung(天宮: palace of Heaven). Mago, the Lord of the Great Cosmos  appointed Han Ung Cheon Wang (桓天王) as a governor of the Cheon Gung.

The meaning of Han Ung (桓雄) in Han Ung Cheon Wang is a big bear. It is relevant  assumption because Ung(熊:bear) is  derived from Ung(雄: male, hero) in homophonic analysis.

Cheon Wang means a King who governs the Sun(immortal)  World. He is the lord of Cheon Wang Gung天王宮. Cheon Wang is a King of Sun World as a supreme position appointed by Mago. Mago is auspicious Ki energy of Heaven that is available for transfiguration  at anytime. This auspicious energy  transpired  Heavenly bear mythology where Mago turned into Gom which is Bear in Korean.  The heavenly bear energy materialized to stars of Greater Bear(Big Dipper) and Stars of lesser Bear(Polaris) via avatarization of Mago.

Symbolically, seven stars of Big Dipper represent the Universe as an unified Government as for Queen palace located in stars of lesser Bear. This palace has been called as GeunHwaGung(槿花宮: palace of Immortal flower, Rose of Sharon) which was presumed to be under the Mt. CheonTae(天泰: great pleasure of Heaven).

Mago transfigured into an Ung Mo (熊母: Bear Mother) as lief by giving a bear icon to Han Ung Cheon Wang. Ung Mo ordered Han Ung Cheon Wang to protect the East side of the universe from the evil spirit of the northwest. Therefore the holly name of Dong Bang Chang Lyong Chil Su (東方蒼龍七宿:Seven  Mansions of the Azure Dragon)  was given to Han Ung Cheon Wang.

Han Ung Cheon Wang transfigured to a Lyong (龍:dragon) by himself to protect the universe and dispatched Baek Ho (白虎 :White tiger) to protect the west side of the universe. The Baek Ho kept the west side of the  Universe safe. San Shin Do (山神圖:Mudang Iconography for mountain Gods) depicts this story in detail.

In San Shin Do there are always two white tigers besides Han Ung Cheon Wang. Baek Ho is the Venus protecting the Sun. Baek Ho indicated that Han Ung Cheon Wang became the Avatar. Han Ung Cheon Wang was called as Dae In(大人: Anunnaki, Terra ET) and he became the owner of the Dae In Guk (大人國: Anunnaki nation corresponding Ur).

Mago appeared as Ung Nyeo (熊女: Bear lady) who is a parthenogenetic daughter of Mago herself via transfiguration  in front of Han Ung Cheon Wang. At that time Han Ung Cheon Wang stepped down to the status of  Seo Ja (庶子: illicit son in  literal translation but the coded message was that he stepped down from the status of a hair next to throne,  corresponding Enki in Sumer mythology) to accept Ung Nyeo. From this point, history of  various avatars started in Mago country of Sun nation(仙國: nation of immortals).

The star of Seo Ja  can be found in the domain of Mago Stars. Therefore, the stars of lesser Bear in which the star of Seo Ja  located were admired as   the five stars of  north pole and started to boost appearance  for the palace of GenHwa ung. Ung Nyeo and Seo Ja made tribal union  as a Ung Jok (Bear tribe) and had a princess together. The princess was called Gun Ja(君子:noble men) who became a  lord of Gun Ja Guk (君子國: nation of noble men) which was called as Jo Sheon (朝鮮) later on.

Finally a project for Han Ung Cheon Wang’s attempt to achieve  the status of Jeok Ja (嫡子:a Heir to the throne) of Mago was completed. Geon (hexagram  乾) has been such  a mysterious force behind  an ancient history!   Everlasting  perpetual motion that it is!  It is possibly the oldest form of quark’s blue print. It moves under the doctrine of  Won Hyeong I Jeong (元亨利貞: seeding-growing-harvesting-resting). The pathway of  Won Hyeong I Jeong converges  into the Hwang Do(黃道:sun’s orbit ). Indeed , they are one the same in both pathways. Only if Geon orbits Hwang Do, he merits  fathering all beings. In that sense, Geon could be a synonym of Sun’s force, Sun’s history, or the space where Sun orbits.


The historical background of the birth of Yi Ching by Dong Yi

There was a book preceding Yi Ching of 64 hexagram known to this world. This book was called Tae Hyeon Gyeong (太玄經: book of great mystery). It is my assumption that the Yi Ching was reduced to  64 hexagram from 81 ideograms of Tae Hyeon Gyeong for very complicated political reason.

In Tae Hyeon Gyeong, there were ideograms revealing harmony of universe, but in Yi Ching those hexagrams were missing. By omitting the number seventeen ideograms of Harmony in the universe, it degraded itself down to a mere logic in  dichotomy of conflict and fragmentation.  It was abased to a book of fortune teller to tell the affairs of universe, the happenings of the world, and the ups and downs of people only in the boundaries of good and bad.

In this point of view,  the dichotomy is lacking the logic of harmony, therefore it can only be an incomplete logic. This brings up a necessity to reanalyze Yi Ching from an incomplete one to a complete one.

The sixty four hexagrams of Yi Jing  has been analyzed based on this dichotomic logic. It is our goal to  reanalyze these hexagrams based on the logic of harmony.


Original Text


건 원 형 이 정

Geon is Won Hyeong Yi Jeong(seeding-growing-harvesting-resting)


Geon is the  Earth’s axis of rotation  and  Sun’s own journey through the universe. In other words,  Geon derived from the Sun’s orbital movement. It is  Geon that stands as core of the Celestial  movements in the solar system. The entire orbital movements governing  whole universe is based on the same operating principles of Geon.

The movement of the universe repeats itself without any error. There is an order to follow in the universe. The principal of this order is Geon.

Therefore there are fruits of its event. And if the movement of event is related with me, then there will be my own share of fruits. This is called Geon Won Hyeong Yi Jeong

A history is something that has been made for the universe to be born and start the movement of rotating its own orbit. The history of the sky and the earth is connected as one. The history flows from a high place to a low one. Therefore there are fruits of history where exists providence and reason.

There was a person who attributed  this movement of the universe to mystical creature,  a Lyong (dragon). He was Han Ung Cheon Wang  who observed the wind of the east, Myeong Seo Fung(bright wind) came to realize that  the wind came from East as to wind of  blue dragon. He thought Geon  manifested as  a dragon.

Lyong the Dragon wrapped in Universe and abundantly spurting in  full force. It moves based on its own operating principles, which was called Yeok (易: calendrical book of dragon) .  Han Ung Cheon Wang named it Han Yeok桓易 (Yi Jing of Sunpa).