There are people who read Yi Jing and wonder whether Yi Jing is a history book. The basis of this doubt is the fact that Han Ja has it’s own history. When Han Ja was invented, the history of that time was reflected on Han Ja.

There are two kinds of histories, before and after Jin (秦) which unified the China for the first time, reflected in each Han Ja. The history before Jin (秦) includes Mago Jina of Mago, HanGuk of HanIn, BaeDal Nara of HanUng CheonWang, and  JoSeon of DanGun WangGeom.

Choseon was the first one destroyed by Jin, when Jin was unifying the China. That was the 8th year of JinsiHwang (BC 238~9).

After unifying the China, Jin executed “GaengYuBunSeo (坑儒焚書)” to kill many intellectuals and to burn many books. The intellectuals who got killed during this historical brutality were the descendants of Choseon who tried to protect the history and culture of Dongyi. But Jin thought that it could completely destroy the history and culture of Donyi by burning their books.

Because of this conspiratorial idea of Jin, the history and culture of Dongyi which started 10,000 years before and continued from Mago to HanIn CheonJe, HanUng CheonWang, and DanGun WangGeom was on a blink of disappearance from this earth forever  with intellectuals of Choseon.

But Yi Jing survived through GaengYuBunSeo till now. It looks like somebody was able to hide from the burning.

At that time in China there were two dominant ethnic groups, who were DongYi 東夷  and HwaYi 華夷, both descents from FungYi tribe. HwaYi declared it’s Independence from DongYi when Yellow Emperor of HwaYi won the war  from the royal army of   ChiWuCheonWang who fought  against rebellious Yellow Emperor( HwangJe) in the age of YuMang until Great Battle of  Tak-Rok.

Because Jin decided to be a part of HwaYi rather than DongYi, Yi Jing was disguised as a book of Ying and Yang and conserved that way by HwaYi.

Isn’t it about time to recover the original identity of Yi Jing? The people who can do this work is not HwaYi but DongYi. So far, what  HwaYi  did  was   to destroy and distort the history of Mago and Mago’s descendants which had been known as Great history of Han Empire throughout the age of  FungYi, history of  BaeDal Nara by Guryeo (九黎) or Kori tribe  inherited ethnity from Fung Yi, and Choseon came after Kori. Therefore HwaYi can not do this restorative work to  revive the original identity of Yi Jing.

By Han Bear Society (CheonShinHwoe) the first effort was made before year 2000  by hieroglyphic analysis of each Han Ja  Kan Ji (a.k.a Chinese letters) recorded in Yi Jing in order to decode true meaning of Yi jing proceeding Jin 秦China era. Now in year 2010, the history found in Yi Jing through this work will be translated in to English from Korean to share with everybody in the world who are interested in history and myth. The people will witness how this complicated and hard to understand history unfold and revive in front of our eyes via DongYi hieroglyphs of which Chinese Letters patterned. This work will be carried on both in Korean and USA. You can read about this work at the main website of Han Bear Society [천신회],