Maan Shin Kim Hae Suk and her Hae Jae Kwan In

This was not the first time that a Mudnag Priestess received a life-changing message through a dream in the world of Mu.  Just like so many Mudang Priestesses preceding her, Maan Shin Kim Hae Suk turned into a dream catcher when she got a calling from her dream in 1997.  There was a vision of Yellow Sea that brought certain familiarity as it drew herself into her long forgotten years of her life. It was indeed her youthful days of life roaming around the seaside of Hae Jae, Mu An City of Jeolla province where she was born.  Then, there was a voice that sounded  loud and clear so much that it imprinted lucid impression not to forget in her dream.


“Look for the bridge of Yang Gan.”

A holographic image of the sound was not washed out from her mind even many days continued. As a Mudang Priestess,  she knew that  it was a calling she must obey and must find out  whereabout of the bridge. The vision of her dream was the only clue that maps out to the mysterious bridge. If her dream was right, she should be able to locate it around seaside of Hae Jae,  a small seaport  by  Yellow Sea marbled with the benefit of Industrialization that has been rewriting the history of Korea. She barely identified vestige of the old township when she started searching. She had to resort to an old timer from traditional marketplace of Hae Jae on Three Way Street who still remembered the old township before it turned into asphalt and concrete.  

When she finally arrived a place where she was supposed to be by the calling, she realized that it wasn’t the bridge that holds a clue about calling for her but it was her uncle who lived by. He had something to say about the mysterious place at Mt. Bong  Dae that looked over Hae Jae and Yellow Sea.

She stumbled upon  ramparts of old fortress  around top of Mt. Bong Dae  as she continued her journey according to  the clue that came in very unexpected source.   The mystery of calling was deepened rather than revealing…

She muttered to herself, “Why Am I here?” 

The mountain fortress was strategically located on the top of the mountain in order to catch invading fleet of Japanese pirates that infested in Yellow Sea for ages.  The main function of the fortress was to light out beacon fire to signal the invasion alarm in order to evacuate the town and mobilize the defending army.  Conveniently,  Mt. Bong Dae was named after ‘the fortress for Beacon fire ‘ because of the history. The fortress was rebuilt even bigger when  Yi dynasty came into  power after the Koryo Kingdom collapsed five hundred years ago.  King Tae Jong of Jo Seon Kingdom commissioned  Korean Navy to renovate the fortress and instate Naval task force臨淄水僉使鎭 to be stationed.  To secure town’s military strategic importance for Korean Navy, the King deployed special force to Hae Jae and Mok Po in order to protect Jeolla province, Korea’s most productive granary. By the time she got there, only crumbled ramparts of the fortress and the name reminded the struggle of a bygone era.

Crossed over the wall of an old fortress, she anxiously climbed to the mountaintop. In a bit of surprise, she found mysterious stone stacked pagodas facing the ocean. She instinctively recognized that  it was  the place that she was looking for through  her Mu Dang psyche.  It was calling from this mysterious place that manifested in her dream. She immediately looked for more clues about the site and seemingly out of place pagodas. She only found out that Mr. Park Ki Cheol who was responsible for  the pagodas passed away several years ago.  Since then, it became her special place that brought deep affection even though she did not have the slightest idea why this place is so special to her.  That was something that only time would tell and that was exactly what happened.

Hooking up with a place like this for Maan Shin Kim,  a powerful Mudang of Hwang Hae lineage could activate whole energetic grid of the region by the presence of   Mudang medium.  Shaman mediated grid activation could be understood in the line of  the doctrine of Heaven, Earth, and Humans from Book of Heavenly numbers. By this principle,  we could extrapolate the auspicious triangular power structure to Time as Heaven, Space as Earth and Activator as Mudang who functions more like an acupuncturist for the Earth.  The calling  was  out to Maan Shin Kim because it was about time that the power grid needed to be activated in order to instigate Novelty in the future timeline.   Not being noticed,  the activation process has been a history-making operation that changed the destiny of nation by the doctrine.  She was called out to be part of it. It also proved that she was on the level of Guk-Mu, a Mudang of Nation.

Once neglected by the regime,  south-west coastal region of the Peninsular could not catch up with the level of affluence in the rest of nation. General Park’s military regime inclined with heavy favoritism to where he came from after he topped off the Democratic government.  However, People of SW Coast were historically most resilient when it came down to oppression either from the authority or those notorious Japanese Pirates. The region got a break when Mr. Kim Dae Joong, a Nobel Laureate whose hometown was not far from Hae Jae, finally achieved presidency after decades of political struggles. Incidentally, this historic handover of power happened in 1997 right after she found the mysterious site.


Maybe… but there is more.

Now, Mu An city, her birthplace of Jeolla Nam Do, was upgraded its status to  Capital of Jeolla Nam Do where local government centers. The city positioned itself as an international business hub taking traffics from Japan and China by sea and air.  The city located in  south-west corner of  Jeolla province was catching up with the rest of nation. All the progress that had never happened in ages happened in last decade. It was sort of miracle that nobody expected. Born and Grown up in a small seaport in this oppressed land, Maan Shin Kim was amazed by all the dreams and hopes in Hae Jae.  For a native, it was mind-boggling experience to witness transformation of the city that  finally broke through obscurity of the past. In the eye of Mudang Shamanism, all that happened  because  the pulse of earth  at the mysterious site was activated from ages old dormancy and came up alive to  beat fast. She got called to be a caretaker of the pulse.

Her parents decided to leave the town when she was a young child because there was no dream or hope in this part of the land. The family moved to a rotten fish smelling tiny seaport closed to Incheon. At least, they had something to dream on in this town. She grew up and got her education here far from Hae Jae. As her childhood memory of where she was born faded way, she took a path for an unremarkable life of Christian.

 Maybe it was  a spiritual violation to her destiny to take the path of Christianity,  she almost couldn’t make another day to see the daylight again because of  sudden outbreak of  Mudang illness, Mu Byong. Her Mudang spirit hidden like a coiled dragon that laid underneath of false religion in abysmal depth was awakening up in the life or death situation. She had to believe in herself, accepting  the mission of life as an anointed Priestess by the force beyond this world. She enshrined  Naban, Ancestral God turned into a Buddhist Deity as the host of her faith in Mu-ism afterward.  Everything was settled down since she converted to a Buddhist Mu Dang Priestess.

When Master Go Dam met her in a study group of Korean ancient history, she was  a Senior priestess ripened well over 13 years in Mudang-hood. With her assistance, Master Go Dam organized the Seventh Night of Seventh Month Festival for Star Vega at Mt. Sam Gak in 1987 when he was an active member of Astro-Historian Society.  She performed again at the same festival at Gwang Hwa Mun in 2005 and Wol Mi Do after that year. She and Master GoDam resurrected successfully a long forgotten festival of Mu-ism nationwide that was suppressed to the end  during 35 years of  Korea Japan Annexation until 1945.

Their work extended to  a national level  when Sung Rae Mun, the national treasure number 1 in Korea was consumed to ash by the act of arson.  Master Go Dam and she organized a Goot to release grief from national calamity. For decades, they volunteered every efforts to spark interests  for Mu-ism among uninitiated common folks without any financial support.  Again, this kind of  efforts fits so well  to define what national Mu Dang could do for the Country she was born although she never claimed to be Guk Mu herself.  It was very unselfish activity of her Mu Dang Spirit and the compassion  that set her up in the level of national Mudang.  Whenever  she and her followers gathered at the site of Mt. Bong Dae offering ceremonial service, it was her unselfishness and compassion, two highest  virtues we can find not only in Buddhism but also in Mu-ism as well  was the Key activating this energetic grid that harnessed over the mysterious site.

Her lineage is from a National Mu Dang, Kim Geum Hwa of Hwang-Hae-Do.  Naturally, she is working hard to master Hwang-Hae-Do Goot ceremony to become national heritage holder just like her Shin Um Ma, Kim Geum Hwa. God Mother of  Korean Shamanism.   She had the very interesting episode of  Goot ceremony performed ten years ago.

Hermann Hesse, German Writer,  a Nobel laureate in literature was a favorite novelist for the young  who searched for the inspiration.  For the most of part, his message has always been poetic justice over authoritarian dogmatic moralist. It is spiritual liberation by feminine triumph over twisted version of romantic heroism demonstrated by Nazi in his country.

After thirty-something years since he passed away, his second son, Mr. Heiner Hesse started having weird recurring dreams. In his dream, his father, Hermann Hesse talked to him as if he was standing right next to him. he said that you have to bring his belongings such as his diary, notebook, watches …  to the country that he was reincarnated in the Far East. ..South Korea that was. No wonder having a dream like this was bothering him very much although he ever believed reincarnation of his father. However, dreams were getting intense and frequent to the point of neurosis, mental breakdown. He decided to pack and go to Korea and consulted a Korean Poet, a fan of Hesse. 

After some soul searching, the poet sought the consultation to Master GoDam, a novelist himself.  Nevertheless, Master Godam introduced Mu Dang Kim Hae Suk to him and she eventually performed “Shin Myong Jwa Jeong  Goot”  for the spirit of Herman Hesse in August 20, 1999.  For Maan Shin Kim, the web of destiny unfolded like this.

Master Go Dam wrote about the history of the fortress in his unpublished work, <Korean Navy> after he published novel <Pulse of Naval Warfare> this year. Without her revelation about the site, the inspiration he got from the book probably never took place. According to him,  the name Hae Jae implied crossing sea routes from Japan and China. Geographically,  the township situated in the best spot to blend Maritime and Continental culture. It still holds the same strategical value for ages that never wear out.

Some time ago, Maan Shin Kim confessed her recurring dream about Kwan Em of Sea to Master Go Dam. Since it was his understanding that Kwan Em of Sea was an embodiment of Mago, he told her not to worry about it.  However, he didn’t know she dreamt a dream, a wish of erecting Kwan Em at the site.

 She talked to community leaders and presented her project. ” East Coast has one and South Coast has one too. It is reasonable, if we could, to erect Kwan Em of Sea in West Coast.”  Her determination was getting stronger whenever she talked about the project.  It was clearly her way of public service for the love of hometown. But why it got to be Kwan Em of Sea and who motivated her to initiate the project?

Mt. Bong Dae has a panoramic view over South Coast turning into West Coast. For this reason. The site was used to be a military post to protect  Kingdoms of Korea. Now, Kwan Em of Sea wanted to defend nation without tears and bring more opportunities to this part of Country.

In Buddhism, Kwan Em corresponds to Amitabha. In Buddhist sutra <Dharma Lotus Sutra> known as Sutra of Kwan Em,  Kwan Em was called Kwan Se Em, the Lord who perceives every sound of the world. As matter of fact, Kwan Em has so many different names like Kwang Se Em (Lord who perceives light as a sound of World), Kwan Ja Jae(Lord who look upon herself), Kwan Se Ja Jae(Lord who look upon herself and sound of World) and numerous variations of Kwan Em.

Basically, her name implies her sensitivity to perceive waves of Sound and Light.  In Buddhism, the name is translated to a Bodhisattva who saves foolish humankind from suffering from her compassion.  She was also known as Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of Compassion in Sanskrit.

A Buddhist Sutra describes her as a guide of Soul who shepherds the deceased to a paradise in the presence of  Amitabha Buddha. In Avatamsaka Sutra, she is a rescuer for the sailors who faces perils of the Sea. In other words, Kwan Em corresponds to Dragon God in Mudang Shamanism.  Dragon God transforms further into Great Dragon Lady who is highly revered as seen in Mudang Iconography of Hwang Hae Mu Dang lineage.  

Kwan Em exhibits striking similarity to Mago when we analyze her name.  Kwan Em as <looking down all the sound of the world> reveals identical symbolism with eight sound images of Budoji in which Ancients believed that  Soundwave travels through eight directions of the world. The concept of eight sound image is somewhat analogous to ‘Logos’ or Word in the bible. In that sense, Mago who was born in eight sound images according to Budoji could be said to be born in Logos or Word. Eight sound images of Mago tribes transformed to Eight Wind of Fung Yi(Wind Warrior) tribes later on.  Han In Chun Jae who found Han nation was born in Yung Fung(harmonious Wind). Last Han In Chun Jae who found Bae Daal nation was born in Myong Seo Fung(Bright West Wind). Tan Gun Wang Gum who found Jo Seon was born in Chung Fung(Azure Wind). Koreans were descended from Fung Yi because their founding ancestors were all born in Wind. All Fung Yi was the descendant of Mago who was born in Yul Yeo( contraction and expansion of sound wave).

In Buddhism, Universe consists of 33 heavens. According to Master Go Dam, number 10 hold code for ” to open”. Therefore,  33 heavens could be alternatively translated with the code as ” 3 heavens to open new 3 heavens”.  Therefore, 33 Heavens represent both old,  new heavens and transition period of 10 which is time zone we are in now.  The three heavens in here implies three Enclosures of Ancient Star map consisting of  the Purple Forbidden enclosure (紫微垣), the Supreme Palace enclosure (太微垣) and the Heavenly Market enclosure (天市垣). In Neo-Buddhistic viewpoint,  the new heavens will be governed by Amitabha. For new Buddhism accepting the doctrine of Hae Hok Bok Bon (resolving doubts for returning to eternity) will govern new Heavens. It was his belief that the doctrine for Order of Mago would be diligently practiced in all religions not just for the Buddhism in the age of new Heavens.

Master Choi Chi Won of Silla Kingdom who  foresaw what’s coming for the synthesis of religion a thousand years ago  supported his theory by saying,” Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism were born out of Sun Gyo(Immortal order of Ancient). Illuminated one from Buddhism will return to Sun Gyo, Illuminated One from Confucianism will return to Sun Gyo, Illuminated One from Taoism will return to Sun Gyo.” This is a truth about the doctrine of Hae Hok Bok Bon transmitted from Mago.
 New Three Heavens will reveal  the true identity of both  Kwan Em of Buddhism,  Magog and Gog of  Apocalypsis Beati Joannes Apostoli as Mal Mi  of Mu-ism which is essentially Last Savior of this World, Mago Goddess.  Mal Mi which is an acronym for Mago HalMi(Grandmother) appeared as Princess Ba Ri in <Ba Ri Te Gi>, a  Ceremonial  Song that Mudang sing in Goot.  The word  <Ba Ri Te Gi>  implies ” abandoned child Panhandler”  that symbolize current situation of Mago in this world. Not knowingly, Mudang sings to dedicate for the Abandoned Goddess by selfish arrogant human beings in opening Gut ceremony. Interestingly, the image of Princess Ba Ri was distorted  to the other end of the spectrum in Buddhism as ” a guide who revered Amitabha manifested in front of the deceased to bring back to Paradise”. The Buddhist belief is significantly   alluding  true nature of Princess of Ba Ri, known to be an unfortunate panhandler in Mu-ism.

Ba Ri Te Gi is Ba Ri Te Gi in this world.
 However, the Buddhist version unintentionally conveys the truth of Buddhist Paradise.  The truth  is that the Paradise be not  where Soul of Buddhists are admitted with help of Buddha but Mago Castle where Human Soul  ought to  return to where they were expelled for good reason so that fulfill the order of Hae Hok Bok Bon.  The holy mission for Buddhism fell to Kwan Em who actively supports the pathway to the Paradise of Amitabha.  In reality, Kwan Em is  no other than Amitabha.

Then, what exactly is Amitabha who is revered as the Buddha of Western Paradise?  If you piece together data from Mu-ism and Buddhism, we can identify him as a transfigured form of  Mago and his Paradise is nothing but Mago Castle. His mission is to shepherd Human race, the decedents of Mago tribes.  Because of this holy mission,  Kwan Em (and Amitabha) will be survived even after Synthesis of Religions happens. No one in this world could deny holy mission of Hae Hok Bok Bon by Kwan Em to guide decedents of Fung Yi in this World no matter what evil forces try to interfere.

Kwan Em, the most prominent deity of Mahayana Buddhism parallel to  holy grail of Christian Mysticism was a Lord who beholds  the sound image of  World. In other words, Kwan Em is the Lord of Eight Wind where our ancestors were born. This is our mystical history of origin going back to the primordial wind, the image of Sound in the World.

  At last,  the construction project was just one step behind to finish, reaping fruits of all Maan Shin Kim Hae Suk’s hard work. The last step for newly erected Kwan Em statue was the rite of opening eyes for the statue in order to activate life force that matches the image of Kwan Em. As witnesses of this event,  Jang Young Ho, Ju Kwang Hwan, Che Keum Seok, and Master Go Dam were invited to participate.  


Arrived upon  the site,  an immaculate granite statue of Kwan Em greeted the guests of honor.  Around the site, an elegant but little shrine, Hae Shin Dang 海神堂(shrine for  Sea God) built by Shin daughter, Shin son and their families who followed Maan Shin Kim forever fronted those mysterious stone stacked pagodas still standing unwittingly.

By concession among the guests and  enthusiastic request from Maan Shin Kim Master Go Dam  was appointed for the rite. The rite started when Maan Shin Kim Hea Suk performed the rite of cleansing at Hae Shin Dang. Then,  Master Godam and Maan Shin Kim were seated under the Statue and began chanting <Chun Su Kyong: The Thousand Hands Sutra> while Master Godam threw  beans followed by spraying sacred water ceremonially to the Statue. In the final act of the rite,  he opened eyes of the Statue by tracing eyes of the statue with a sacred water filled brush.

Master Godam spoke his mind after the rite.

“As I was holding the brush, so many thoughts crossed my mind. The first thought that came to mind though was that I may have fulfilled my childhood dream of being a painter by this act of drawing eyes of Kwan Em, And then, another thought popped up. As a researcher who suspects Kwan Em as Alter Ego of Mago and then appointed as the host of the rite even though I am not a Monk got me think that this unprecedented event may support my conviction in a way that only Mudang understands.

After I wet my brush with consecrated water, I was working on her eyebrows of both sides and then I finished to draw dots of pupils after I traced lines around eyes in her face.  Furthermore, I went over to open her lips and ears as well. After I opened channels on her face, I made her heart alive with a blessing of life-giving water.  I helped her holy jar  fill up with sacred water by touching the jar with a drop of consecrated water.  Although I did let my hand do the work  as  directed by Maan Shin Kim,  I felt that every touches brought Kwan Em to manifest in this World.  Before my last touch upon eyes to draw pupils  I was so impressed by her  majestic look  to the point of a little bit being scary. The impression was changed dramatically to gentle and gorgeous after I finished the work on her eyes.

On the way home,  I conversed about Kwan Em of Sea with others. For a brief summary,  we came up with the name of the Kwan Em as Hae Jae Kwan Em since she will look upon the sound of future from Sea of Hae Jae.  Today, we performed successfully  the rite of opening eyes that  activated quirks of granite stone statue 
transmuted to that of Kwan Em.”