Free Four Pillars Consultation

Han Bear Society provides Four Pillars consultation for free.  Knowing your shamanic totem animals by Eastern Zodiac system is essential to practice Celestial Buddhism.  Four Pillars are your tablet of destiny that was given when you were born.  You might have just a couple of Totem Animals or as many as ten Totems.  They are your Anima, hidden deep inside  Persona. They are the master of self to control your dreamscape where you are pushed to the threshold, bringing in terror, passion, and death.  If you want to change your dream, you need to untie and release their anger. Then, you will see the Light.

If you feel resonated in Goddess Mago, a mother of all Buddhas, feel free to send us email with following info;

  1. Your name
  2. DOB with birth time
  3. Birthplace
  4. Occupation
  5. Goal, Focus, Dream, Intention, etc
  6. Skype ID

We will let you know in a week whether you are accepted for the consultation.