Book of Budo(1)

1) Age of MaGo Triple Goddess

MaGo castle was in the highest place on earth.  By honoring  Chun-Bu( 天符), it succeeded the Former Heaven. There were four heavenly men in the four directions in the middle of the Castle, who constructed tube and harmonized the tone.

Hwang-Gung Clan(Yellow  Dome) was the first.

Baek-So Clan(White Nest) was the second.

Chung-Gung Clan( Blue Dome) was the third.

Heok-So Clan (Black Nest) was the fourth.

Gung-Hee Clan (Dome Lady) was the mother of the two Gung-s,

and So-Hee ( Nest Lady) was the mother of the two So-s. Both Goddesses were daughters of Mago.

MaGo was born in the Jim-Sae, the Formative Age. Thus, there was no passion of joy or anger. She chose the Former Heaven as male, and the Latter Heaven as female. Thus, both Gung-Hee and So-Hee were produced without intercourse. Impregnated by the essence,  two heavenly males and two heavenly females were born in the same manner. There were a total of four heavenly males and four heavenly females.

2) Age of Former Heaven

In the age of  Former Heaven, Great  MaGo Castle was located above the Sil-Daal  Castle  along with the Heu-Daal Castle. Besides, that Sunlight was warm and luminous, there were no perceptible figures. Only the sound of eight musical tunes could be heard from heaven. Both Sil-Daal Castle and Heu-Daal Castle were built out of this tune. Also, both the Great Castle and MaGo herself were formed out of this tune. This was the Age of Jim-Sae, Formative Age.

There were resurrections of  Ryul-Reo(sound of Yin And Yang) carried out  few times prior to the Age of Jime-Sae in that  Stars were already born. After  the  Ages of Jim-Sae came to end its’ cycles, MaGo gave birth to Gung-Hee  and So-Hee in order for them to be enabled to execute the nodes of 5 notes and 7 octaves.

As milk fountained  out of the earth in the middle of the Castle for the first time,  Gung-Hee and So-Hee gave birth to the four heavenly males and four heavenly females and fed them with it.  They commended the four heavenly females to maintain Reo female tones and the four heavenly males to maintain Ryul male tones in turn.

3) Age of Latter Heaven

The destiny of the Latter Heaven unfolded, and the Ryul-Reo tones restored again and formed the image of sound which was the combination of five notes and eight sounds.

When MaGo pulled Great Sil-Daal Castle  and dropped it into the domain of heavenly water, Ki energy of  the Great Castle of Sil-Daal  was raised and covered on the top of the misty clouds. The body of Sil-Daal  spread out evenly and separated the earth formed in the condensed water out of  Heavenly Water. Land and sea lined alongside, and mountains and rivers spread out its boundary.

Consequently, the domain of water transformed into the earthly world and kept to transform further until  position of both water and earth were replaced and mediated the movement revolving them upside down. This was how calendric sacred numbers started.  As a result,  air, fire, water, and earth mixed together creating harmony. And the light divided days and nights and differentiated four seasons, and  plants were moisturized and animals were fed. There were so many working orders covering entire earth. Hence, the four heavenly men were divided to manage  the original tunes of all creations.

The one in charge of earth was yellow. The one in charge of water was blue. Each built Gung-s (domes) in order to  carry on their duties

The one in charge of air was white. The one in charge of the fire was black.
Each built So-s (nests) in order to carry on their duties.

With these divisions, their family names were originated. The air and the fire repelled against each other in that there was no sound of cold wind in the Sky, water and earth responded together in that there was no cruelty on earth because the image of sound staying above always reflected back and the image of echo staying below evenly distributed to have listened.

4) 12 Ancestors of Human Races

Around this time, even though there were eight people who managed the original tunes, there was no one yet to cultivate the echo image. Thus, everything had been born and vanished over in a flash due to the lack of control mechanism.

Then, MaGo ordered the four heavenly males and the four heavenly females to open up their flanks to produce. Whence, the four heavenly males took  the four heavenly females wives. Each couple brought forth  three men and three women, a total of 12 offspring of which were the first ancestors of the humans that appeared on the Earth. They, in turn, married each other for several generations expanding tribal population to 3,000.

Each twelve tribal progenitors were stationed to protect gates in Castles while all the other descendants were in charge of cultivation for   each section in the Echo Image.  For the first time,  the calendric sacred numbers began to settle.

Natural disposition of all the people in the Castles was pure in essence and they knew the laws of creation. They sucked the Milk of the Earth and their vital energy was clear and bright. The black gold plugged in their ears to hear   the sound of Heaven.  And they were able to walk and leap. Thus, they could travel around without restrictions.

When their task was done, they simply transformed into gold dust, preserving their essence body.   As their soul consciousness arose as for them to follow, they could speak in hidden voice.  As their soul body moved, they could travel in a hidden body. They dwell under the bliss of earth energy. Their longevity was unfathomable.

5) Acquisition of Fifth Taste

When Ji-So of the Baek-So family went down to the milk spring along with some other people, there was so many people to line up for such a small spring. He graciously yielded his turn to other people five times and  did not get his milk in the end.

When he came back and climbed  up to his So(nest), he collapsed by hunger. Then, faint sound humming in his ear confused him.  He acquired fifth taste as swallowing the grapes hanging from the vine over the balcony fencing around So(nest). He  rose  and startled. The venomous power of the grapes affected him. Coming down from the nest, he walked in big strides singing,

“Oh! Mighty  Heaven and Earth, My strength far surpassed. What kind of Tao  is this? It is the power of the grapes! ”

When people were suspicious about his claim, Ji-So said, “It is really excellent.”  Since then, many tribes followed him to eat the grapes.